White House Job Candidates Are Now Asked On Their Application What Part Of Trump’s Campaign Message “Most Appealed” To Them

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Donald Trump has already hired an individual to his administration with the essentially the sole purpose of testing and subsequently weeding out people that haven’t been deemed die-hard “Trump loyalists.” But now it seems as though he’s taking his insanity a step further still by attempting to ensure that not only are there no people left inside the White House who don’t bow at his feet, but that no new employees who aren’t prepared to kiss his lifted shoes make it inside as well.

Apparently, Trump’s administration has recently implemented a new questionnaire that all new political appointee applicants are now required to fill out before they’ll be considered for the job. On that questionnaire, obtained by CNN, candidates are asked to explain what portion of Trump’s campaign message they found “most appealing.”

In addition to the loaded question regarding Trump’s campaign rhetoric, applicants are also required to reveal who their favorite news host is — because evidently these folks are landing their gigs in much the same way as Trump’s own children, having a whole lot more to do with loyalty and a whole lot less to do with legitimate qualifications.

Reports indicate that the test is currently being distributed by the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office, which recently came under the power of John McEntee who Trump personally appointed to head the office.

“Trump tapped McEntee, a longtime aide and loyalist, to head the personnel office last month amid his renewed focus on purging officials who he deems to have been disloyal to him and hiring those who have long supported him,” the report from CNN reads.

Stephanie Grisham, the newest White House press secretary after Sarah Sanders’ departure last year, was quick to defend the move, stating, “Every President has the right to appoint people who are in line with their agenda and policies.”

CNN went on to note, “While it is not unusual for presidential administrations to vet political appointees for ideological or policy alignment, the questionnaire previously used by the Trump White House did not ask for applicants’ views about Trump or his campaign. Trump’s name does not appear once on the previous questionnaire. It now appears five times.”

“While the previous questionnaire also asked applicants if they have ever run for political office, the new questionnaire also asks applicants to list any political campaigns they have ‘ever worked on or volunteered for’ and why,” the report continued.

It’s clear that Donald and his people want to ensure that there’s no risk of another whistleblower incident in the future. And it seems the best way they can think to do so is by guaranteeing that every single individual inside the White House is a Trump sycophant, through and through.

You can read the full report from CNN here.

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