White House Press Secretary Seemed To End Briefing Abruptly After A Reporter Called Her Out On Her Past Comments

What's got her so scared?

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The pandemic has done more to this nation than just lay bare the inadequacies of our political, judicial, and healthcare systems. It’s done more than simply change the way we even glance at each other in passing in public. Perhaps the most noticeable and unnoticeable thing at the same time that this crisis has done is to bend time in a seemingly non-linear fashion: Days feel like weeks, weeks feel like years, and the month of March appeared to last approximately seven centuries.

March stretched into April and April into May, and June has been non-stop demonstrations.

That’s why the things that were said mere weeks ago that turned out to be totally, completely, hilariously or tragically wrong seem so much more poignant now when they’re revisited under the terms of the current conditions: More than 113,000 dead and upwards of 2 million confirmed cases, just weeks after Trump said that we had “15 cases, and soon it will be zero.”


Of course, it’s now one hundred and five days since the woman who would become his new press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, told Fox host Trish Regan that the coronavirus wouldn’t even COME to America, and that this was thanks to Trump’s superiority over his predecessor, Barack Obama:

We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here..and isn’t it refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama.”

One intrepid reporter elected to remind Kayleigh of what she’d said back on February 25th on national television, and let’s just say that Kayleigh McEnany was. not. having. it.

She rattled off a litany of incorrect postures that various media outlets had taken, reading them from a list she clearly had at hand — obviously expecting to get called out for her ridiculous statement — and compared having been incorrect about the severity of the outbreak with her saying that Trump policies would prevent the virus from even reaching our shores.

And then she split. Like, later.

We’re looking forward to the next presser, Ms. McEnany. We assume you’ll be just as prepared with rebuttals to the questions about your stupidity that you know will be forthcoming.

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