White House Press Secretary’s Twitter Account Was Locked For “Distribution Of Hacked Material” And Trump Is Not Happy

Oh boy, he's mad.

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Donald Trump is holding a MAGA rally in Des Moines, Iowa, tonight, and it’s going down as well as you might have expected. Trump is lashing out at his critics and telling quite a few whoppers about Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and of course, social media. You see, everyone in the world is against Donald J. Trump, apparently. There are consequences on social media for propagating disinformation. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany went there after a New York Post story (we’re not going to link to it) released what it hailed as a bombshell report, but it was Russian disinformation. So, McEnany’s Twitter account was locked down for the “distribution of hacked material.”

And of course, the story has to do with emails, because of course. It’s reminiscent of 2016 — all over again. And naturally, Rudy Giuliani is involved. So, Donald Trump whined about McEnany’s account being locked down at his rally. With Trump, anything he can use as a means to attack his opponents is fair — even if it’s demonstrably false. Trump can’t stop allowing foreign entities to interfere in our elections, and it appears that Twitter isn’t going to let his administration use their behemoth social site to fuck with the upcoming presidential election.

Here’s Trump whining at the rally:


It looks like Kayleigh is back:

Twitter users pounced:

The story the Trump administration was pushing just isn’t true, you guys.

Trump will continue to whine about this just as he did tonight. As this president rails against “fake news,” he is the main source of disinformation.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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