White House Tweets Image Of “First Snow,” Gets Called Out For Lying After Temperatures In DC Appear To Be In The Fifties: “Do You People Have To Lie About Everything?”

This is just too much.

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It did not snow in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, and it reached a high of about 68 degrees. The first snow of the year for the capital happened on Tuesday and the image of that scene appears in the White House Flickr account for that date — so it’s unclear why the official White House Twitter feed claimed it was snowing on Sunday.

This isn’t the first time the “president” has lied about the weather. Trump held up a doctored map last September to make false claims about a nonexistent hurricane threat in Alabama, a state that was not in the storm’s path.

Trump has told over 15,000 lies since taking office so we’ll just add this one to the mountainous pile. When this tweet was unleashed, the temperature was in the fifties in D.C.


The responses on Twitter were swift.

Even if the Trump administration posted that tweet a few days late, it only highlights its incompetence. There are Trump supporters defending that tweet and I just can’t wrap my head around it. If Trump’s White House will lie about the weather, they will lie about anything. That’s likely why Trump is terrified of being put under oath. He is a habitual liar who attacks the truth to distract the public from his numerous scandals.

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