With Close To 140K Deaths From COVID In US, Trump Kicks Off His Morning By Promoting Goya Foods: “People Are Buying Like Crazy!”

Yeah, this isn't cute, Mr. President.

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It’s as if we’re all stuck living in an alternate reality with a former game show host at the helm and his grifting, nepotistic family member openly endorsing a food product after the CEO licked the president’s boots. Well, it’s 2020, after all. First, Ivanka Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to post a photo of her posing with a can of Goya beans. That’s right; the daughter of the sitting president is selling beans now, which she’s probably never eaten since it doesn’t mix with caviar or lobster tails. And the nearly one hundred and forty thousand dead Americans from the coronavirus can’t eat those beans.

And now the president is a bean salesman, too, even though both of the Trumps may have violated federal code with the product plug.

Here’s Ivanka’s violation of the Hatch Act, but laws don’t seem to mean anything anymore.

Ivanka’s daddy-president just had to go there, too.

Twitter users were not amused.

Well, these two nimrods obviously haven’t noticed, but the United States is facing a number of national crises, and while we’re sheltering at home, the Trump administration is selling beans on Twitter. Hawking black beans won’t improve Trump’s flailing poll numbers. Instead of springing into action, Trump is selling Goya products. If the murder hornets praised this president, Trump would recommend that Americans take them home as pets.

Goya fuck yourself, Mr. President.

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