With Trump Gone, Lindsey Graham Appears To Be Doing Promotions For Chickfila

What a personality trait.

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There’s no denying that the list of GOPers who quickly turned into blithering Trump sycophants upon Donald’s 2016 inauguration is certainly a long one. However, if you ask me, the most pathetic among them would have to be South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. God only knows what sort of dirt Trump has on the southeastern congressman, but we quite literally watched the transformation as Graham went from publicly lambasting and attacking the then-Republican presidential candidate to virtually dropping to his knees to lick Donnie’s lifted shoes almost overnight.

For the last four years, Graham’s one and only personality trait was simply “Trump supporter,” and now that Donald’s finally been kicked out of office, it seems that Graham is on the search for some meaning to his life — apparently he’s found that in the form of a racist, bigoted chicken restaurant.

Just last week, we reported on Graham’s hair-brained tweet in which he declared that he’s willing to “go to war” for Chik-Fil-A as students at Notre Dame protested the controversial fast food chicken joint on campus and it seems he meant that as literally as he could, considering there’s no actual “war” to be had.


Recently, Graham made an appearance on Fox News, in which he blatantly and shamelessly plugged the Xtian fast food restaurant because, apparently, he has nothing better to do.

“It’s the number one fast food company in America,” Graham plugged on the Fox segment with Sean Hannity, “It’s good food, good service at a reasonable price.”

He went on to defend the Cathy family, who owns the Chikfila franchise, as “religious people” with the right to be bigoted garbage if they want to be.

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I get it, Graham. You’re probably feeling a little lost right now as you try to navigate what to do with your life now that Trump’s ass is no longer readily available to kiss. But I gotta tell you, dude. This ain’t it.

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