Woman Penned Blistering Final Wishes In Her Obituary: “In Lieu Of Flowers, Please Don’t Vote For Trump”

She couldn't remain silent, even in death.

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There’s simply no denying that this country is currently facing down wildly unprecedented times, as we finally approach what will hopefully be the tail end of the worst four years of our lives. In just a few short days, the most important election we have ever and likely will ever experience will be upon us. It’s no exaggeration when I say that the stakes have truly never been higher.

Due to these wildly unprecedented times, people have been speaking out against this administration and the mere idea of another four years of this complete and utter hell in wildly unprecedented ways.

We’ve seen banners and jingles, songs and poems, protests and riots, ads and articles — all encouraging voters to save this nation from another four years of torture and destruction under the reign of Donald Trump.


But one 93-year-old Minneapolis woman took matters into her own hands in a much different way.

According to a report from NBC Chicago, Georgia May Adkins passed away in late September of this year, and in her obituary, she included a blistering final wish when it came to the presidential election that’s just around the corner.

“In lieu of flowers, Georgia preferred that you do not vote for Trump,” Adkins’ obituary reads.

She also noted that it was her wish to be cremated and her family and friends to honor her with a church service that adhered to social distancing guidelines amid the pandemic.

In a post on Facebook Georgia May’s granddaughter, Amber Westman, wrote that her grandmother was “fierce every day and remains so through her legacy!”

As I said above, these are times like we have never before seen as a nation. While it’s sad that a person would have to use their final wishes to beg that we do the right thing as a country, it just serves as further proof that this country is so sick — and the only chance at salvation is getting rid of Donald Trump.

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