Workers Who Have Been Laid Off Reportedly Set Up Soup Kitchens In Front Of The Offices Of Senators Who Oppose $600 Checks

We're done with these GOPers.

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Despite Donald Trump and the GOP’s “best” effort to pretend as though this massive, deadly pandemic is all but over, the fact of the matter is, millions of Americans are still gravely suffering the ill effects of the Trump administration’s screw up, with no real end in sight.

The death and destruction that this virus has and will surely continue to cause have certainly been at the forefront of every decent and compassionate person’s mind. However, there’s simply no denying the financial hardship that millions are facing at this point as a result of scattered shutdowns and repeated outbreaks.

However, the president and his GOP cronies in Congress have made it pretty strikingly clear that they just don’t give a damn — pretty much making it their life’s mission to ensure that the American public doesn’t get a dime more then what they have arbitrarily decided that we deserve.


And, unsurprisingly, millions of suffering people are not here for it.

Atlanta airport bartender, Robert Davis, is one of thousands upon thousands of people in this country who are facing the very real prospect of homelessness as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic after being furloughed in March.

Davis, like many others, depended on the extra $600 per week in unemployment insurance that was provided in the CARES Act to help him pull through and make ends meet.

But now, the CARES act provision is expiring and Davis and thousands of others just like him are left wondering what on earth they’re going to do.

However, a group of hospitality workers, including Davis, have seemingly settled on one sure-fire way to get their point across — by setting up a soup kitchen to give away food to their fellow workers in need right in front of the offices of notable US Senators who have opposed an extension on the additional UI provision.

The report from CNN reads:

The events were planned and paid for by several labor unions in support of members of UNITE HERE, a hospitality workers union that represents about 300,000 airport, restaurant, hotel and casino employees in the United States and Canada. Organizers are targeting Republican senators including Kelly Loeffler, John Cornyn and Martha McSallywho have opposed the so-called HEROES Act.

In Atlanta, Davis will join dozens of airport workers on Tuesday in setting up a soup kitchen outside the office of Kelly Loeffler, the junior Republican senator from Georgia. Similar demonstrations are scheduled in Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Charlotte and Austin.

Surely these GOPers will catch on soon — the American public is sick of this. We are sick of these people voting in favor of their own pay rates dozens of times over while screwing the people of this country at every chance they get. And we are sick of paying the prices of their shitty decisions.

You can read the full report here.

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