A Former Trump Aide Revealed She Got A Nasty Warning From Her Colleague About Playing Taylor Swift In The WH Because The Singer Isn’t A Fan Of Donald Trump: “You Should Really Watch Your Back”

Oh. My. GOD.

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Olivia Troye has been one of a handful of former Trump administration officials to turn their back on the one-term, twice-impeached former guy and proceed to spill all the tea on the inner workings of the ex-president’s White House.

A lot of what we’ve heard from Troye and others has pretty much been the heinous crap we’ve come to expect from the reality TV wash-up turned president. But this one… This one might take the cake.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC with host Chris Hayes, Troye revealed that she once got a pretty nasty warning from one of her colleagues for playing Taylor Swift’s music in her own office, because Swift had been a vocal critic of Trump.

The former Pence aide and coronavirus task force member revealed during her segment on “All In With Chris Hayes” that she once found herself rather angered in the aftermath of an argument related to the COVID-19 pandemic that spurred during a meeting. After the argument, Troye proceeded to her office where loudly blasted some Taylor Swift music to cool off.

She said soon enough, a fellow White House employee came knocking on her door and asked, “Are you trying to get fired?”

Troye said she was confused by her colleague’s question and questioned if they were referring to her bluntness during the tense meeting. But that wasn’t it.

“I don’t think she’s a fan of Trump’s,” Troye’s fellow employee answered, referring to Taylor Swift, before going on to add, “If someone hears that… you should really watch your back. You should be careful on that.”

Troye told Hayes that she found this “astonishing” and she ultimately told her colleague that it was “late, and I’m allowed to listen to whatever music I want.”

Troye’s revelation comes on the heels of a similar Atlantic report from chief Washington correspondent for ABC News, Jonathan Karl — claiming that Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows had a cow over a HUD assistant who allegedly liked one of Swift’s Instagram posts that encouraged Americans to vote and expressed her support for then-candidate Biden.

“We really can’t have our people liking posts promoting Joe Biden,” Meadows allegedly said.

Karl noted that the HUD assistant was actually just a big fan of Swift and had liked every other Instagram post from the world-renowned singer as well.

You can watch Troye’s appearance on MSNBC here.

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