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Atlanta: Sheila is the Editor In Chief Of Political Tribune. Her love for politics started 7 years ago but has since become one of her greatest passions. She’s been a writer, broadcaster, political contributor, and now proudly considers herself part of the Resistance. Unshakeable. Believer in human rights, equality, and justice for all, but first for those who need it most. During her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, working out, and watching football. The real kind, with helmets.

Louisville: Andrea is the primary writer for Political Tribune. She’s been at this for four years and is an activist, feminist, and mom to a feminist in training. She’s passionate about women’s rights and reproductive rights. She’s hit the streets in marches and walks because as a Kentucky resident she is an avid Mitch McConnell hater. This right here is her ditching the medical field for a life in the political field.

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