A Humiliating, Brutal Billboard Awaited Ivanka Trump During The First Week In Her Miami Neighborhood

Sucks to suck, girlfriend.

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Pretty much the whole of the Trump family flew south like corrupt birds when Donald lost a second shot at the presidency and finally got himself and his golf clubs out of the White House. I’ve no doubts that they were hoping for a quiet retirement community-style area where they could do their evil bidding around like-minded right-wing nutcases and baby boomers who don’t know how to use a smartphone. However, even before they made the move, it became increasingly clear that the Trump clan likely wasn’t going to be any more welcomed and accepted down south than they were in their home state of New York.

Even before they had officially left the White House, the people of Palm Beach were making their discomfort clear when it came to Donald and Melania making Mar-a-Lago their permanent home and it was already seeming as though Ivanka and Jared wouldn’t be getting a warm welcome into the exclusive Billionaire Bunker Club at the enclave where they recently purchased land.

And now, as the Trump family settles in down south from the big move, it seems the trouble is still following them around. Kinda literally.

Instead of a welcome mat when they arrived in their new neighborhood of Miami, it was a ginormous traveling billboard that was rolled out to meet the favorite Trump daughter, reminding her and everyone in the neighborhood that Ivanka Trump referred to the violent terrorists who attacked this nation’s Capitol as “patriots.”

The Meidas Touch group acquired the mobile billboard truck through crowdfunding. The billboard features Ivanka’s face alongside the slogan, “Ivanka called the Capitol terrorists ‘patriots.'” According to a report from Queerty this traveling billboard has been rolling through the neighborhood, enlightening Ivanka’s new neighbors about her thoughts and feelings regarding the people who attacked this nation’s very democracy.

Of course, as we all know, the billboard is reference a post that Ivanka tweeted then deleted amid the January 6th violence, saying, “American patriots — any security breach or disrespect to our law enforcement is unacceptable. The violence must stop immediately. Please be peaceful.”

After an onslaught of rightful backlash, Ivanka deleted that tweet and posted this:

Since the end of the Trump presidency, Ivanka and her family have ditched their $15,000 a month rented digs in D.C. for a $40,000 a month condo in Miami’s Surfside neighborhood while they wait out the completion of their dream home that’s currently under construction on their $32 million plot of land on Indian Creek Island, known as “Billionaire’s Bunker.”

Meidas Touch commemorated the family’s arrival to the Miami neighborhood with this:

We’re hitting the road in Florida near Ivanka’s new house to remind her neighbors that they live next to an American traitor. We cannot stand by and let the Trump crime family escape accountability for their incitement of the deadly insurrection against our nation’s capital.”

For some reason, the truck was pulled over pretty much as soon as it pulled out:

It’s unclear whether or not the truck or driver received a citation, but the group made it clear that they have no intention of pulling back from their plan to peruse the neighborhood and inform the people of what a monster Ivanka Trump truly is.

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