A Report Claimed That Minneapolis Police Officers Who Are Responsible For George Floyd’s Death Could Potentially Get Their Jobs Back: Americans Should Be Outraged

This is BEYOND sickening!

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George Floyd was murdered in the streets of Minneapolis more than a month ago now and people all across the country and all around the world are still taking to the streets in protests against racism and police brutality.

And thanks to a sickening new report from NBC Newsrightfully so.

Recently, NBC walked through the possibility of a Minneapolis, Minnesota police union reinstating the fired and indicted law enforcement officers back to their positions on the police force.

Head of the Minneapolis Police Federation, Lt. Bob Kroll, has reportedly indicated that he would like to see the termination of the officers involved in Floyd’s death investigated, writing, “They were fired without due process.”

“Kroll’s union has had great success in getting police officer terminations reversed — by appealing them to arbitrators,” NBC’s Rich Schapiro reported this morning. “Since 2006, eight Minneapolis police firings have been decided by arbitrators and all but two resulted in the officers getting their jobs back, according to an NBC News review of records from the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services.”

“One officer punched a handcuffed man in the face multiple times, breaking his nose,” the report goes on. “Another pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge stemming from an altercation with his wife. “A third, Jason Andersen, was fired, reinstated, then fired again after a new incident of allegedly kicking a teenager in the head. That still didn’t end Andersen’s career — an arbitrator went on to reinstate him for a second time.”

Police unions all across the nation, Minneapolis included, have contracts that feature serious obstacles that have to be overcome to terminate a police officer’s employment, as well as featuring a process that fired officers can go through to contest their termination — which is frankly one of the many issues with the police force in the United States and one of the numerous reasons why people are still taking to the streets in protest.

Despite the video of Chauvin that’s been seen the world round, showing the former officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly 9 minutes until he took his last breath, and the numerous complaints lodged against the former office before Floyd’s murder, Derek Chauvin, even if his position is not restored and he is convicted of his crime, can still be eligible to receive his pension from the police force.

And this is why we won’t back down.

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