A Reporter Released Photos From Inside The Trump WH On The Night Of 2020 Election: “The Faces — These People Did Not Think They Were Winning”

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Now ex-President Donald Trump and the members of his innermost circle have long asserted that they never had an ounce of doubt when it came to the 2020 presidential election and who the “true” winner of the race was. According to them, they simply knew all along that Donald Trump was the rightful champion and everyone on the Left, every voting company, and every poll worker in every state that he lost was simply a big, fat cheater on behalf of Joe Biden.

But new images are now making their way around social media, spreading like wildfire, after they were posted to Twitter by ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl — The very same Jonathan Karl who authored the New York Times bestselling Trump tell-all, Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show — that now shed fresh light on the inside of the Trump White House on election night 2020.

As Karl so perfectly points out in his social media post, these new images certainly don’t appear to show the faces of a room full of people who thought they were winning the presidential election, like Trump and so many of his people claim.

“These photos — which were published exclusively in ‘Betrayal’ — show the scene at the White House on election night. Look at the faces — these people did not think they were winning,” the ABC News correspondent and bestselling author captioned the two images of Trump’s closest insiders in the White House on election night in 2020.

Take a look for yourself:

Social media ate it up:

If a picture really does tell a thousand words then there are two thousand words here saying Trump is a loser AND a liar.

Featured image via Flickr/Trump White House Archives 

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