Accused MAGA Rioter Wants To Subpoena “Numerous Witnesses Involved In The Planning And Execution” Of The Capitol Siege — And That Includes Donald Trump

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It seems yet another individual who stands accused of storming the nation’s Capitol building a year ago yesterday, in the name of the now-ex-President Donald Trump, to attempt to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election has now thrown their former Dear Leader under the bus.

But to make matters that much worse for Donald this go around, it looks as though this particular rioter wants to throw Trump in the courtroom as well.

According to reporting from POLITICO’s Kyle Cheney, accused Capitol rioter Dustin Thompson has concocted a list of what he feels is all-star witnesses that he wants to testify at his trial for his involvement in the infamous insurrection — that list includes highly notable GOP names such as attorney Rudy Giuliani, podcaster Steve Bannon, and even the former President himself, Donald J. Trump.

Cheney reports that an attorney representing Thompson revealed today that his client “intends to subpoena numerous witnesses involved in the planning and execution of the attempt to disrupt the certification of the 2020 presidential election.”

As well as Trump, Bannon, and Giuliani, Thompson is looking to subpoena attorneys including John Eastman, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood.

Thompson’s filing reads:

Considering the significant roles these witnesses play in the legal and political communities, and the evasiveness that some have historically shown in the face of court orders, Defendant submits that appointment of the U.S. Marshals Service is necessary in order to effectuate his right to compulsory process and ensure that the same is accomplished expeditiously.”

It’s unclear though, let’s be frank, probably highly unlikely that any U.S. judge will sign off on compelling the United States Marshal’s to bring in a former U.S. President and force them to testify. But it seems Thompson is giving it his best shot, nonetheless.

Honestly, I hope he’s successful.

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