Actor Tom Arnold Claimed Trump Once Couldn’t Stop Talking About Karen McDougal’s Breasts Even While His Pregnant Wife And Ivanka Sat Next To Him

This is disgusting, even for him.

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Donald Trump certainly has a plethora of people from his past who are all too willing to spill the proverbial tea when it comes to all his transgressions and overall wrongdoings. More books have been written about the guy over the past three years than I can count — and even very own niece is jumping on the tell-all train now.

However, none of them have been quite as forthcoming with the juiciest of tidbits and revelations as former Apprentice employee, Noel Casler.

Over the course of Trump’s presidency, Casler has broken his NDA with the current president of the United States pretty much on a daily basis, to inform the American people of the real monster behind the man in the White House — dropping a multitude of bombshells on us ranging from hilariously disgusting to seriously terrifying.

And to help get his word out even further still, Casler has recently teamed up for a podcast with a few other individuals who want to get the scoop out on the real Donald Trump.

As expected, the podcast that Casler is taking part in has come with about as many bombshells as we’ve come to expect from his tweets.

However, this recent one came with a pretty disgusting revelation from someone other than Casler himself.

During the podcast, actor Tom Arnold took a moment to recall the time that he witnessed Donald Trump endlessly chattering on about Playmate Karen McDougal’s breasts, despite the fact that he was seated right next to his daughter Ivanka and his wife Melania, who was pregnant with their son Barron at the time.

Check out what Arnold had to say:

All I can say is keep this clip handy if you ever somehow find yourself wondering if our president really is a sickening creep.

He is.

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