Actress Blames Trump After Her Grandpa Dies From COVID: “You’re A Disgrace To The Human Race”

He's responsible for every single death.

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President Donald Trump received a heartbreaking rebuke from Charmed actress Holly Marie Combs this week when she directly blamed him for the death of her grandfather, who died from the coronavirus after believing his lies about the pandemic.

Combs is known as an outspoken critic of the president, but her grandfather was apparently a Trump supporter who didn’t take the virus seriously because Trump downplayed it.

On Monday, Combs’ grandfather passed away after contracting the virus, robbing her of the time she would have otherwise had with him — had Trump acted like a real leader instead of wasting precious time in February.

In response to Trump’s claim on Twitter that he never referred to the virus as a “hoax,” Combs blasted the lie and called Trump out for getting her loved one killed.

Again, this tragedy could have been prevented, along with the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans in just the last two months. The death toll currently stands at nearly 60,000 and over one million are infected. More deaths are going to happen, especially if Trump reopens the country too early and triggers a second wave. And every single death is on him.

One Trump supporter, however, responded to Combs by attacking her.

Combs did not hold back in her reply.

This pandemic is killing Trump supporters but they still support him, even though it’s his lies and recklessness that is killing them. It’s sad. Condolences to Combs and her family.

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