Adam Schiff Delivered Brutal Update For Trump, J6 Investigators Are “Very Close” To Reaching A Consensus And Releasing Damning Final Report

Things are about to get nasty for Donald Trump.

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There’s no doubt that Trump was of the full belief that the January 6th House Select Committee’s investigation into the Capitol attack and Donald’s specific role in inciting the deadly violence would soon go to the wayside after Republicans managed to retake the US House of Representatives by a razor-thin margin in the less-than-successful midterm election. And, for the most part, he’s not wrong.

Republicans in Congress have vowed from the very beginning that the J6 House Committee would be the first thing to go as soon as the Right secures power.

But what Trump seems to be ignoring here, is the fact that the House Select Committee has made it crystal clear that they won’t be going out without doing everything in their power to take the former president down.

Axios released a report confirming that Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff personally said that J6 House investigators are “close to putting down the pen and going to print” with regard to the Committee’s final report on their extensive investigation into that January 6th Capitol insurrection.

“We are discussing as a committee, among the members, what belongs in the body of the report … what is beyond our scope of the investigation and we’ll reach those decisions in a collaborative manner,” Rep. Schiff said on Sunday before going on to confirm, “We’re going to get to a consensus on the report, we’re very close to that now.”

Axios goes on to report on Schiff’s confirmation that the House Select Committee’s final report will go public, complete with the evidence collected from their long-running investigation, for all Americans to finally see, including “the voluminous transcripts, the documents, and emails.”

“The country’s going to have the evidence, they’re going to have our report,” Schiff confirmed, before adding that the official report will be scrubbed of any “personally identifying information.”

Schiff’s bombshell confirmation of the impending final report comes on the heels of a recent report from the Washington Post claiming that House Committee staffers have recently become very angry with Vice Chair Liz Cheney over her intense focus on former President Trump in the final report. However, Schiff personally praised Cheney’s role on the Committee and in the overall investigation, calling the outgoing Wyoming Republican “indispensable.”

“I have tremendous respect for her and for [Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.)], they have shown a lot of courage and backbone, that’s something in very short supply in the GOP these days,” Schiff said of the only two Republican House members to participate in the investigation.

Just recently, House Committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren said the panel plans to release “all the evidence” it’s collected “within a month.”

Early last week, Axios’ Mike Allen reported that the final J6 House Select Committee report could end up being around 1,000 pages in total.

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