Alarming Photo Of Barron Trump Left People Questioning If Something’s Wrong With The Teenager’s Health

This is certainly bizarre!

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The speculations have long swirled regarding now ex-President Donald Trump’s health, both from a physical and mental standpoint. But now, it seems that the conjecture and theories have spread from the father to the son.

And I’m not talking about Don Jr.’s alleged or assumed drug use.

A past photo of Donald Trump’s youngest and only son with his third and current wife Melania, Barron Trump, has hit social media recently and promptly made all kinds of waves — Leaving the 16-year-old former First Son’s name trending on Twitter.

The photo in question here is honestly a bit jolting, as it shows the former president’s teenage son absolutely towering over what appears to be a guest at Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, FL, Mar-a-Lago home/resort.

Now, we’ve known for some time now that Barron is certainly an extremely tall young man, coming in at a stagger 6’7″, absolutely blowing past both of his parents. However, we never quite realized just how vertically “blessed” the kid really was until we caught a glimpse of this particular photo that, as the caption of the tweet notes, leaves him looking “like two kids in a trench coat.”

Take a look for yourself:

Snopes has already sunk its teeth into the viral photo and noted that the picture is, in fact, real and verified, though it’s a little over a year old, actually hailing from Mother’s Day in May 2021 — making Barron only 15 years old at the time of the photo.

But nevertheless, the age of the photo did absolutely nothing to staunch the rampant speculation about why Barron Trump, whose parents are reported 6’3″ and 5’11”, can’t seem to stop growing up — literally.

The comments section was full of their own theories:

At the end of the day, we have absolutely no knowledge regarding Barron Trump’s health — it really could just be that the kid is hella tall.

Featured image via screen capture 

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