Alex Jones Caught Of Guard In Court After Attorney For Sandy Hook Families Slams The Right-Wing Host Right To His Face With Evidence That Jones Lied Under Oath

I don't think Jones was a happy camper.

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Things really aren’t going well for Alex Jones in court today.

For once, the ultra Right-wing InfoWars host actually showed up to his court-ordered appearance today, but I’m willing to be he was quickly left wishing that he didn’t, after an attorney working on behalf of the Sandy Hook families effectively handed the conspiracy theorist’s ass to him when he presented evidence right to Jones’ face that proved the talk show host had lied under oath in the trial.

Jones has previously been found guilty of the defamation he stood accused of by the families of Sandy Hook victims after he used his large platform to claim that the families and victims were part of a “false flag” operation. The trial that Jones is now embroiled in will determine the amount of damages that the Right-wing conspiracy theorist will owe to the victims’ families.

During today’s leg of the ongoing trial, Jones found himself called out right to his face when an attorney for the families flat-out confronted Jones with proof that directly contradicted the InfoWars host’s previous claims that he had no text messages on his cell phone that were related to his prior, highly controversial claims about the Sandy Hook shooting, the victims, and their families.

In video footage of the ordeal, Alex seemed to be completely stunned and caught off guard when attorney Mark Bankston informed Jones that he had obtained a copy of data hailing straight from Jones’ cell phone that proved the Right-wing host’s claims were a lie — after Jones’ own attorney accidentally sent it to Bankston.

“Twelve days ago, your attorneys messed up and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you’ve sent for the past two years,” Mark Bankston told a stunned Alex Jones. “That is how I know you lied to me.”

Bankston went on to personally confront Jones about his prior claims that he had absolutely no Sandy Hook-related communications on his cell phone.

“Do you know what perjury is?” the attorney asked Jones.

Bankston didn’t stop there, either, going on to further confront Alex regarding prior statements he made, in which he also claimed that he never penned any emails in relation to the Sandy Hook topic — with Bankston eventually revealing to Alex that he was in possession of that data as well.

Jones continues to battle through this trial in an effort to reduce and/or limit the amount of damages he will be held responsible for to the families of Sandy Hook victims, who have asserted that still to this day they are regularly and openly harassed by individuals who have adopted the notion of Jones’ false, derogatory, and harmful claims about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Watch the hilarious clip here:

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