Alex Jones Responded To Massive $965M Sandy Hook Verdict In Real Time On His Show, Called Life-Altering Ruling A “Joke” And Vowed To “Keep Them In Court For Years”

He didn't take the news well.

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What little was left of Right-wing conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones’ life just went straight to Hell, after a Connecticut jury handed down the most brutal decision the talk show host has seen in his lifetime — Alex Jones has now officially been ordered to pay a staggering total of $965 million in compensatory damages to eight families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims as well as one first responder, as the weeks-long public defamation trial over his lies and conspiracy theories comes to a thundering, explosive head.

Jones was not present in the courtroom when the jury delivered their brutal decision but was instead streaming his far Right-wing talk show, where he reacted to the verdict in real-time.

The talk show host told his listeners that there “ain’t no money” to cover the nearly $1 billion in damages that were awarded to the plaintiffs today. Jones went on to call the brutal verdict “a joke” and openly vowed to appeal the ruling in an effort to “keep them in court for years.”

“They want to scare us away from question Uvalde or Parkland,” Jones fumed in the direct aftermath of the verdict, adding, “We’re not going away. We’re not going to stop.”

Christopher Mattei, an attorney for the plaintiffs, spoke directly to the jury during today’s leg of the trial, and said:

You may say that is astronomical. It is. It’s exactly what Alex Jones set himself up to do. That’s what he built. He built a lie machine that could push this stuff out. You reap what you sow.”

The massive $965 million verdict comes just two short months after a Texas jury decided that Jones and his company owed two Sandy Hook parents nearly $50 thousand in collective damages in connection to a separate defamation lawsuit.

Read the full report from CNN here.

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