Alex Jones Threatens To Back Out Of Sandy Hook Testimony Because “It’s A Trap,” Claims Judge Wants To Put Him In Jail “If I Tell The Truth”

Just when you think this guy couldn't get any crazier.

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Ultra Right-wing conspiracy theorist and host of the controversial InfoWars talk show, Alex Jones, is letting his crazy fly high and proud yet again after he publicly threatened today to back out of his upcoming testimony in the ongoing defamation case lodged against him by families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims because he evidently believes that the judge on his case is dead set on throwing him in jail at their first opportunity.

In what is now the third week of the ongoing defamation trial in Connecticut, Jones held an unhinged press conference outside of the courthouse, where he put his insanity on full display.

“I am strongly considering tomorrow when I get put on the stand looking at the judge and saying, ‘You’ve barred me from saying I’m innocent. This isn’t a real court, so I take the Fifth Amendment!'” Jones raged at reporters in his presser. “Not because I’m guilty but because she says if I tell the truth, she’ll put me in the Waterbury jail for six months! That’s what she can do.”

“Top lawyers have looked at it and said, ‘No, she wants to put you [in jail] if you tell the truth,'” he continued to rant and rave. “Well, I tell this judge and all the rest of the new world order, I am innocent! And you are guilty of tyranny!”

“I’m not sure I’ll even go on the stand tomorrow because it’s a trap!” he shouted. “It’s a spider’s web!”

Dude, if you’re too chicken to get back on the stand and have your ass handed to you yet again, just say that.

Watch Jones’ unhinged courthouse press conference here:

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