Americans And Experts Shocked Over Trump’s Announcement Regarding His “Envoy Ambassador” Conducting Foreign Policy, Appears To Be In Violation Of The Law: “Trump Is Running His Own Shadow Government”

What in the hell?

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Donald Trump somehow declared in a statement that he has an “Envoy Ambassador” who traveled to the Kosovo-Serbia border to “highlight” an “important agreement” that his “administration brokered.” The twice-impeached one-term president hasn’t been in power for over a year now, so it left people scratching their heads. Trump’s “ambassador” is Richard Grenell, the former president’s ambassador to Germany. In 2019, one month before losing the election to Joe Biden, Trump named Grenell as a special envoy for peace negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo.

Grenell helped to circulate Trump’s big lie of widespread voter fraud that didn’t take place in the 2020 election. Both the former president and Grenell appear to be violating the Logan Act, a federal law that criminalizes negotiations by unauthorized American citizens with foreign governments.

This is just bizarre:

Twitter users pounced.

Look, it’s funny to mock Bloaty McBatshit, but now he’s trying to conduct foreign policy over a year since he was defeated. It’s not funny anymore.

Featured image via Michael Vadon/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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