Americans Are Genuinely Sickened Over Trump’s New Attempt To Use His Recently Deceased Mother-In-Law To Promote Himself

There is literally no low he won't sink to.

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It’s certainly no big, well-kept secret that there is literally not a single low that is too low for Donald J. Trump to sink to in an effort to serve and promote himself. Over the long, terrible years, he has proven over and over again that there is truly no limit to the depths of depravity he is willing to go to.

But nevertheless, the scandal-plagued, multi-indicted former president made it a point to prove that to the world beyond a shadow of doubt yet again, when he openly and shamelessly invoked his dead mother-in-law to prop himself and his crowd size up at one of his recent rallies.

Over the weekend, disgraced former President Trump used the break from his ongoing Manhattan criminal Hush Money trial to hold one of his unhinged re-election rallies in Woodward, NJ, as the November presidential election rapidly closes in.

As with all of these events of his, Donald didn’t miss an opportunity to brag about the size of his crowd in an effort to make it seem like enough people in this country still support him to carry him back into another White House term after the brutal humiliation that was the 2020 election.

But this time, he added a bit of flair that we could only imagine sent his wife’s blood pressure through the roof when he invoked her dead mother, who only just passed away at the beginning of this year, to bolster his claims.

“Melania’s incredible mother who just passed away, Amaljia, one of the most beautiful women inside and out that I’ve ever known, so we want to say ‘hello,’ she’s up there looking down right now,” Trump said as he dramatically pointed up at the sky, “saying, ‘That’s a large crowd of people!'”

Former federal prosecutor, staunch Trump critic, and popular social media user Ron Filipkowski was one of the first to post a clip of Trump’s rally statement on X (formerly known as Twitter) with a caption that said what we’re all thinking: “Trump is now using Melania’s dead mother to promote himself. Any microscopic chance he may have had to sleep with his wife for the first time in years just went out the window.”

The very same American voters that Trump is dependent on were rightfully sickened over the disgusting stunt:

I can’t even find it in myself to be surprised anymore, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from being absolutely disgusted every time he pulls a gross stunt like this.

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