Americans Criticize Trump After He Brings Actor Jon Voight With Him To Receive Remains Of Fallen Soldiers: “A Disgusting Display Against Our Military”


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Donald Trump isn’t one to think before he acts or he just doesn’t care. The “president” made a surprise visit to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Thursday evening with the Third Lady and controversial conservative actor Jon Voight by his side. Voight has always had Trump’s back even after the lewd Access Hollywood tape was released. The outspoken actor also thinks Trump was a young man at around 60-years-old when he admitted to grabbing women by the pussy.

That’s the kind of guy he is and he despised former President Barack Obama, but that’s who Trump brought with him to salute the flag-draped caskets of David Knadle, 33, from Texas, and Kirk Fuchigami Jr., 35.

Americans were horrified by the spectacle.

Trump disparaged the late Sen. John McCain for being a prisoner of war so this isn’t surprising behavior from the “president.”

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