Americans Just Busted Trump In One Of His Biggest Bald-Faced Lies To Date As He Stares Down Possible Serious Jail Time

He's literally just lying through his teeth at this point.

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For the first time in his 77 years of life, Donald J. Trump is actually in serious trouble.

The scandal-plagued and thoroughly disgraced former president was formally and historically convicted of a staggering 34 felony charges of falsifying business records in the infamous Stormy Daniels Hush Money trial by a jury of his peers last week. While the ex-president continues to maintain his innocence and has already made it crystal clear that he will be fighting this verdict to the ends of the earth through the appeals process, the fact of the matter is, Donald Trump is starting down the barrel of genuine, serious jail time as a result of his felony conviction — and that’s not even beginning to take into account the 3 other massive criminal cases still raging against him, that include charges ranging from racketeering to violations of the Espionage Act to inciting insurrection.

It certainly seems that the proverbial “fat lady” is starting to sing and the former president isn’t handling it well at all.

In the aftermath of his historic felony conviction, Donald Trump sat for an interview with Fox & Friends where he discussed a range of topics, including how his family has coped with the news of him being a bona fide criminal now and his glaring hypocrisy between himself and his 2016 Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

And that, my friends, is where we busted Donald J. Trump in what might be one of the biggest bald-faced lies to ever come out of his big mouth.

While the Fox host attempted to pose his question in a way that was as gentle to Donald’s ego as it could be, he did ultimately ask the million-dollar question — how do you reconcile your endless chants of “Lock her up!” about Hillary Clinton as you sit here before this nation as a convicted felon?

Donald, without so much as a smirk on his face or even an ounce of irony, looked the panel of Fox hosts in their faces and claimed that he never once said “Lock her up” about the former Secretary of State, First Lady, and 2016 Democratic nominee.

See for yourself:

Americans came for Trump hard, fast, with both barrels locked and loaded with the receipts, including literal video footage of him saying exactly what he now claims to have never said:

In fact, X (formerly known as Twitter) now has a convenient new feature in which users of the platform can actively fact-check a claim in real-time with links to their proof — which they absolutely did with regard to Trump’s newest lie and included not only Forbes fact-check of Donald’s new claim but also a YouTube compilation video of the many, many times that Donald Trump has chanted some variation of “Lock Her Up” just at his rallies alone:

The gaslighting is quite literally off the charts at this point.

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