Americans Seemed Horrified After Stephen Miller Is Reportedly Tapped To Write Trump’s Speech On Racism: “Literally The Worst Person Imaginable That Could Do This”

Oh, I'm sure this will work out swimmingly.

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With the massive protests that have taken place in every state over George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police officers, the White House has been preparing a  speech for Donald Trump to give to address the nation. Already, that just seems wrong since the president issued threats against anti-racist protesters on his Twitter account, but of course, Trump had to make it worse by having notorious white supremacist Stephen Miller pen the speech.

Miller is known as the architect behind having kids locked up in cages at the Southern border, so we’re not sure what the Trump administration is thinking by having him write a speech on race relations, but here we are. Miller’s own uncle despises him over his nephew’s strict immigration policies. This guy probably drinks the tears of immigrant parents for cocktails just after bathing in the blood of their children. But, that’s the guy this administration chose to write a speech against racism.

Twitter users pounced on the news.

OK, 2020, you win. Bring on the murder hornets. Just get it over with.

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