An Ex-Aide Confirmed Trump Staffers Were “Threatened” Not To Leave Amid Chaotic WH Transition, Because Donald Trump Wasn’t Planning To Go Anywhere: “Don’t Look For New Jobs, Don’t Pack Your Office”

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As you can imagine, the recent discovery of classified documents inside former Trump VP Mike Pence’s new Indiana home has been the talk of the town lately and the incident unsurprisingly became a topic of discussion on a recent episode of ABC’s The View. 

During the segment, the panel of hosts joked that perhaps the classified materials ended up in Pence’s possession following the violent January 6th Capitol attack, since the then-VP was being personally targeted and threatened by the unhinged mob of Trump supporters and was forced to make a hasty getaway.

Former Trump White House aide Alyssa Farah, who now serves as a co-host on the popular talk show, chimed in with her own musings and insider knowledge on the inner workings of the Trump Administration, and noted that in her time as a Pence aide, the now former vice president was “extremely by the book in the White House that was otherwise incredibly chaotic.”

“When we would prepare for foreign trips, even just to prep him for media interviews, we would do it in the Situation Room in case something we talked about even might suggest classified information,” Farah said in the segment.

But it wasn’t Pence’s habits that gave us pause, in the end.

Farah went on to touch on the final, chaotic days of the Trump Administration, following Donald’s humiliating loss to Joe Biden that he infamously refused (and still continues to refuse) to accept. In speaking on the possible ways that Pence ended up with inappropriate materials at his residence, the former Trump White House aide shed some disturbing new light on the final days of Trump’s tenure in office and pointed out that the transition period in the Trump White House was “chaotic” and very abnormal because Trump refused to accept that there would be a transition at all.

“I think it was the chaotic nature of the transition,” Farah said, going on to add that when she resigned from her position in the Trump Administration “staff was being threatened ‘don’t look for new jobs, don’t pack your office,’ because they were not preparing for a transition. So Mike Pence’s West Wing office was right around the corner, I don’t suspect in that period … that he was packing up boxes getting ready.”

You can watch a clip of the talk show segment here:

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