As Criticism And Accusations Mount Over Her Head, Judge Aileen Cannon Handed Jack Smith A Victory In One Of The Biggest Criminal Cases Against Donald Trump

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Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon has long been teetering on the precipice of destroying what little career she has left due to her behavior surrounding the infamous stolen classified documents criminal case against scandal-plagued former President Donald Trump — spearheaded by Garland-appointed Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Ever since she was assigned to preside over this case against the man who got her this job, to begin with, Cannon has made decisions that have led experts and Americans to believe she’s attempting to do as much of Donald Trump’s bidding from the bench as possible. These questionable rulings, decisions, and behaviors have led to multiple calls for her impeachment or removal from the case.

While we certainly have no way of verifying Judge Cannon’s motivating factors, it does seem as though the pressure, criticism, and accusations hanging over her head are beginning to get to her, as Aileen Cannon just handed Jack Smith a massive win in the federal criminal documents case against Donald J. Trump.

Recent court records showed that Cannon delivered a ruling that allows Special Counsel Smith to substitute vague summaries for some of the sensitive intelligence materials he will need to share with Donald Trump and his legal team as part of discovery in this case.

“Upon review of the Motion, relevant filings, arguments raised during hearings, and the full record,” Cannon wrote in the new ruling, “the Court GRANTS the Special Counsel’s Motion as to Categories 3 and 4 in their entirety, as well as most of the Category 2 requests as set forth in the Court’s Classified Order.”

The information in question here largely pertains to a list of potential case witnesses, who Smith has claimed are already receiving threats on social media due to their connection to the documents case. In addition to the witness list, Cannon allowed Smith and his team to summarize national security documents that the Justice Department said were not safe to hand, in their entirety, to Donald Trump.

Cannon is, as mentioned, on the hot seat among many legal experts across the country for her perceived bias towards the ex-president who appointed her to Florida’s Southern District court, in one of the biggest criminal cases currently raging against him.

Speaking with the Washington Post, former federal Judge Nancy Gertner said, “She is giving credence to arguments that are on their face absurd. She is ignoring a raft of other motions, equally absurd, that are unreasonably delaying the case.”

Despite this win for Smith, Cannon still appears to be playing the delay game for as long as she can when it comes to actually setting a date for Trump’s trial — as the ex-president and his team push for a date after the 2024 presidential election, which Trump believes will protect him from prosecution, while Smith and millions of Americans believe this is a vital trial that needs to take place before the election to give voters the clearest picture of what the presumptive Republican nominee has done, before they cast their votes.

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