Baltimore Residents Mock Trump After Video Emerges Of A Mouse Falling From Ceiling Of The White House

Who was it that was 'rat-infested' again, Donnie?

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Donald Trump has done so much dumb shit in his nearly three years as president of the United States that it’s really easy to get lost in it all — and sometimes you end up forgetting the seemingly smaller things he’s done when he pulls something huge.

But after what took place in Trump’s White House today, it seems like the perfect time to remind you of Donald’s debacle with the city of Baltimore earlier this year.

It all started back in July when Donnie found himself quite mad with Rep. Elijah Cummings and responded by referring to his city of Baltimore as “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” on social media.

To say the least, Baltimore residents were quick to smack back at our immature excuse for a leader, with several officials from the city reminding Donald that their funding relies solely on him — so if there happens to be a rat problem, it’s his problem.

Since the episode in July, the Baltimore debacle has sort of been swept under the rug along with any of Trump’s other transgressions. However, they do say that ol’ Karma is one hell of a bitch and today, nearly three months later, she paid Trump’s White House a little visit.

According to several White House correspondents, folks were just minding their own business in the now-dusty briefing room when a damn mouse literally fell from the ceiling and landed smack dab in correspondent Peter Alexander’s lap.

Considering this is far from the first time that the White House has had a rodent issue under the current administration (and no, I’m not just referring to Trump) the situation is funny enough as it is.

But what makes the whole ordeal that much richer is the plethora of responses from none other than rather giddy residents of the city of Baltimore, and a few from folks all over the country pointing out Donald’s unfortunate display of hypocrisy:

You seriously cannot make this shit up. The universe gave us all a little smile today, folks. Run with it.

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