Barbara Walters Was Done With Trump During Interview In The 90’s, Brutally Called Out All His Lies To His Face

That's how you do it.

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Donald Trump spewed out a series of lies to popular television personality Barbara Walters in 1990, but she wasn’t having it. Trump has been gaslighting people for decades, and that tactic is a trait of malignant narcissism. Walters called out Trump for not being as wealthy as he claimed to be after he lashed out at the press, although the president’s demeanor was calmer during his younger days.

“I’ve never seen press reporting as I have with regards to me,” Trump whined to Walters. “I hope the general public understands how inherently dishonest the press in this country is.”

“As a member of the press, let me go over some things that you say aren’t true,” Walters said, then read off quotes from Trump about how a “terrific deal” left him with a significant “victory.”

Walters noted that Trump was on the “verge of bankruptcy.”

“Being on the verge of bankruptcy? Being bailed out by the banks?” she said. “Skating on thin ice and almost drowning? That’s a businessman to be admired?”

Then, the broke-ass former reality show star said it depends on “who you talk to.”

“I talked to your bankers,” Walters calmly said. “I have great assets,” Trump shot back.

Here’s a clip from the interview:

The full interview:

Walters had the receipts to back up everything she countered Donald with, who apparently has not changed since 1990 with his feelings of being persecuted. And even back then, Trump claimed that the press treated him unfairly.

Three of Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casinos, including the Trump Taj Mahal, filed for bankruptcy in 1991. The next year, the Plaza Hotel filed for bankruptcy as well. There is a long list of Trump’s failed business ventures, including his frozen steaks, vodka, etc. Trump has tried to rebrand himself repeatedly. The former reality show star has been a failure as a human and as a businessman for his entire life. We still haven’t seen his taxes, as promised. I wonder why that is.

We need more press members like Barbara Walters.

Featured image via John Mathew Smith/Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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