Bill Barr Allegedly Told Trump Right To His Face, “You’re Going To Lose”

I'm sure he took this well.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Carol Leonnig and Phil Rucker, who penned the new book ‘I Alone Can Fix It,’ have given us a glimpse into former President Donald Trump’s combative one-term in office. One excerpt tells of former Attorney General Bill Barr being blunt with the former president, telling Trump why he will lose the race to Joe Biden. And frankly, it’s surprising that the former guy got any support at all since he completely mishandled the coronavirus pandemic that has now taken over 600,000 American lives. There were so many other reasons, too. Like, Trump’s pettiness, for example. In April of 2020, Barr just came out and confronted Trump to his face.

“I feel you are going to lose the election,” Barr told Trump. “I feel you are actually losing touch with your own base.”

Barr had reportedly talked with some of Trump’s supporters while traveling, and they wanted the then-president to dial it back.

“I have yet to meet anybody who supports you who hasn’t said to me, ‘We love the president, but would you please tell him to turn it back a bit?'” Barr said, according to the reporters. “You’re going to lose because there’s going to be enough people who otherwise would vote for you who are just tired of the acrimony, the pettiness, the punching down and picking a fight at every moment and the apparent chaos, and they’re just going to say, ‘We’re tired of this sh*t.'”

Barr reminded Trump of the “Access Hollywood” tape and said that he still won the election because he behaved himself, but he only just won “by a hair.”

“It actually scared you enough to listen to Kellyanne [Conway],” Barr told Trump. “And for the last several weeks, you behaved yourself, and you won by a hair. This time it’s different. You cannot wait until the end.”

Now former campaign manager Brad Parscale called Jared Kushner to say, “We’re going to lose in a landslide. You’ve got Doctor Trump up there all day. We’re still going down in the polls. We’re losing, and nothing’s changing.”

“I know,” Kushner said. “This is horrible.”

Even though everyone around Trump seemed to realize the likelihood of Trump losing the race in a landslide to Joe Biden, the former president still hasn’t accepted the reality that he was defeated over eight months ago. So, maybe an intervention is in order.

Featured image via Flickr/Office of Public Affairs at the DOJ

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