CNN Refuses To Air Two Trump Ads Because They Were Full Of Inaccuracies and Unfair Attacks

He's losing everything!

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In the wake of a formal impeachment inquiry that was launched against him by Nancy Pelosi last week, to the relief of several House Democrats after Donald got himself busted trying to collude with yet another foreign government to illegally secure yet another presidential election, Trump and his entire administration have been busting ass in an attempt to pull the wool back over the eyes of the American public and make them believe that he’s an innocent victim of a much bigger plot against him.

In addition to the unhinged tweets and public meltdowns by the president himself, it seems he and his campaign team are attempting to combat his scandal with a slew of provocative ads discrediting the impeachment inquiry ran on every media outlet that will have him — but it looks like those ads of his are not going to be ending up on CNN.

It’s no secret that Donald and the popular news network have never gotten along. However, it’s really a rare occasion (but not completely unheard of) for a television network to reject political advertisements.

However, it looks like CNN has no problem with breaking that mold if it means that don’t have to run Trump’s bullshit, lie-ridden ads.

The 30-second ads apparently feature several inaccuracies and unfair attacks against CNN’s own journalists and refer to the inquiry as “nothing short of a coup.” And, of course, they all target former VP and Democratic 2020 candidate Joe Biden — claiming still that he and his son were involved in shady business dealings in Ukraine, despite the fact that there’s no evidence of such anywhere.

“In addition to disparaging CNN and its journalists, the ad makes assertions that have been proven demonstrably false by various news outlets, including CNN,” one CNN network spokesperson said in a statement, in which the outlet claimed that Trump’s ads failed to meet the network’s advertising standards.

Trump’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh responded in a statement, “CNN spends all day protecting Joe Biden in their programming. So it’s not surprising that they’re shielding him from truthful advertising, too.”

CNN revealed that they denied a second ad from the Trump campaign as well, stating, “The ad contains assertions of fact about the whistleblower complaint that have been refuted by the Intelligence Inspector General. In addition, it is inaccurate to use the word ‘coup’ to describe a constitutionally prescribed legal process.”

While the ridiculous ads continue to run on social media sites with far more lax regulations, such as Facebook, Donald is slowly beginning to lose his grasp on any credible platforms that are willing to air his bullshit. Soon he will have nothing more than Fox News and a prison sentence left to his name.

Read the full report from the New York Times here.

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