CNN Releases New Video Of Lauren Boebert Where She Shows The World Who She Really Is

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Controversial Rep. Lauren Boehbert landed herself under the microscope for comparing Rep. Ilham Omar to a suicide bomber. Omar is among one of two Muslim women in Congress, and she is a frequent target for Republicans. Boebert did apologize after she had been thrust in the news for several days now after her disgusting joke about Omar, but the Minnesota Democrat hung up on her after the call went south. Boebert’s apology rings hollow since she has targeted Omar and other members of ‘The Squad” before.

On Tuesday, CNN broadcast an unearthed video showing that Boebert told a similar story about Omar, but a particular part was left out at the event in September. It’s as if she’s a liar or something, and she told the dangerous joke at someone else’s expense with no regard for their safety.

“More just-see-it-for-yourself evidence today of the hate and bigotry in the Republican ranks,” CNN’s John King said. “This new video is from a September Republican fundraiser; Boebert not only tells her elevator story; she also calls Omar and another Muslim of Congress black-hearted and evil.”

King spoke with Kfile’s Andrew Kaczynski about the video that he unearthed, and he explained that it’s the second time in which Boebert suggested Omar was a terrorist because she’s of the Muslim faith. Kaczynski said, “It’s basically the same story” that she told last week. “And Omar’s people have said this story is a fabrication,” and he added that he messaged Omar, who said that Boebert is “unhinged.”


Kaczynski tweeted out the video of Boebert telling supporters that when she saw Omar, she said, “Well lookie there, it’s the Jihad Squad.”

The most disturbing part to me isn’t just Boebert’s words, but the crowd at the Staten Island Conservative Party dinner laughing it up feels worse.

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