CNN’s Jim Acosta Gives Hilarious Prelude To Trump’s MAGA Rally: “A Clown Car Full Of Lies”

That pretty much sums it up.

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Tonight, disgraced former president Donald Trump is kicking off the first leg of what many have not-so-lovingly referred to as his “revenge tour” (his reignited MAGA rallies) in a small town in Ohio, sporting somewhere around a whopping 5 thousand people in total population. Insiders with Trump have already been warning members of the party that the ex-president intends to use tonight to begin making it known that he is not to be challenged when it comes to efforts to remain the face of the GOP for at least another four years, come the 2024 election.

So, to say the least, we’re expecting the former guy to get pretty darn rowdy tonight. And, apparently, so does CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Acosta has spent many a year now taking some of the best jabs we’ve ever seen at the guy who tortured this nation from a position of power for four long years, and tonight was no exception as the CNN host offered up a little “sneak peek” at what we can surely expect from Trump’s big event.

“The Trump circus is back on tour again, starting tonight in Ohio. If you check under the big top at his rally tonight, the former president is certain to roll out a clown car full of lies to the outrage of supporters,” Acosta said, accompanying a video clip of Donald Trump when he refused to officially concede the 2020 presidential election despite Biden’s clear win.

“Yes, he’s been complaining about a rigged election for nearly eight months now, but each week Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ gets smaller when compared to the chilling new body cam videos from the insurrection released by federal authorities,” the CNN host explained. “And the ‘Big Lie’ just gets more sad when you consider Trump has bought into the insanity that he’ll be reinstated in August.”

Acosta goes on to note “the same cast of characters on the far right have been warming up their latest circus side show, something called critical race theory.”

“What is so threatening about Trumpism, it’s not just about the big lies. It’s about pitting one set of Americans against another over the election, over a critical race theory, or whatever the next unserious outrage theory comes out of Fox News or Mar-a-Lago. If we stop fighting each other and start embracing the truth, these guys over here, they’re going to run out of things to talk about,” the CNN host blistered. “And maybe even run out of money too. But, hey, they could run off and join the circus — I hear they’re hiring clowns.”

You can watch Acosta’s prelude right here:

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