Congressional Expert Called On House Dems To Finally Do The Right Thing, Introduce Impeachment Resolution Against Judge Aileen Cannon For Pandering To Trump

It's time for Judge Cannon to be stopped.

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It’s difficult to deny at this point that Trump-appointed Southern District of Florida Judge Aileen Cannon has been doing the bidding of the disgraced former president since the moment she was assigned to the infamous stolen, classified government document case against the very man who put her on the bench in the first place.

However, for one congressional expert, her most recent incident of pandering to Donald J. Trump has served as the final proof needed that Aileen Cannon is working in the shadows to help save the former president’s ass and he feels it’s high time that House Democrats do something about it.

Judge Cannon issued a midnight ruling recently, in which she refused to enforce a routine and standard deadline in the stolen documents case against ex-President Trump. While this may not sound like a huge deal, this move on Cannon’s part ensured that Donald Trump will not see a trial in this case before the 2024 election — exactly like he wanted, as Trump believes he will win the impending election and be safe from prosecution once he’s back inside the hallowed halls of the White House.

Reacting to this late-night ruling that clearly served no other purpose than a favor to the man who gave her the job she currently enjoys, United States congressional expert and Emeritus scholar at the conservative think tank the American Enterprise Institute, Norm Ornstein, said, “I think it is time for a House Democrat to introduce an impeachment resolution against Aileen Cannon. She is operating as a lawyer for Trump, not as an impartial judge. Of course, it would fail, but it will put a spotlight on her treachery.”

As Ornstein noted, it’s highly unlikely, if not completely impossible, that the impeachment resolution against Cannon would actually be a success. But, it certainly beats the hell out of Democrats sitting around and doing nothing as a judge essentially works as Donald Trump’s personal attorney.

Enough is enough.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/ Southern District of Florida, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

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