Conservative Pastor Claims Jesus Would Have “Beat The Crap Out Of” Bolton For Disobeying Trump

There's something seriously wrong with right-wing evangelicals.

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It’s stunning to watch evangelicals fawn over the “president,” a thrice-married man who has cheated on all of his wives, had unprotected sex with a porn star, and misused his charity to funnel money into his campaign and pay off business debts. Jesus slapped around money changers, metaphorically speaking, and would not approve of Donald Trump gifting the wealthy with a tax break. Poverty is mentioned 300 times the Bible, and Trump, an alleged billionaire, seems focused on filling his cabinet with swamp monsters. We’re also sure Jesus would not approve of Donnie bragging about sexually assaulting women.

And yet, with all of his failings as a human being, right-wing evangelicals are a big part of Trump’s base.

Rodney Howard-Browne, a conservative evangelical pastor who has previously visited the White House to “lay hands” on Donald Trump, suggested that he would have physically attacked former National Security Advisor John Bolton. The pastor went a step further on Twitter to say that Jesus himself would have gotten physically violent with Bolton, too. Jesus, he said, would have “beat the crap out of” Bolton. You know, Jesus, the famously violent “Lamb of God.”

The pastor called Bolton a “slimeball” after the former National Security Advisor’s excerpt from his new book was leaked, confirming Trump’s quid pro quo deal with Ukraine’s president.

“You are a slimeball of the highest order,” tweeted Howard-Browne on Wednesday, referring to Bolton. “I should have knocked your sorry butt through the door of the Oval Office into the rose garden when I saw you. I would have gladly been arrested … what a Benedict Arnold … I am glad you were fired!!!” Howard-Browne went on to describe Bolton as a “globalist sellout” who is “disloyal to the President and loyal to the deep state.”

The MAGA pastor shares something in common with Trump. Howard-Browne has been described as a “stage hypnotist” who is leading a “cult.” So a cult leader is unsurprisingly defending a cult leader. As for the pastor saying Bolton is being “disloyal to the president,” that loyalty should be given to the Constitution. That fact has escaped Republicans, too.

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