Critics Go Off After Don Jr. Attacks Teacher Unions While In Front Of A Gun Wall

What a weirdo.

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The former president’s oldest son is very good at doing inappropriate things. For example, with school shootings being all too common, Donald Trump Jr. posted a video to attack teachers’ unions with a backdrop of guns hanging on his wall. For sure, Junior is playing a part for his father’s lint-licking base of dedicated supporters, but it’s still a painfully stupid and insensitive thing to do. And he looks really high, too.

The coronavirus has taken over 500,000 American lives, so teachers’ concerns of wanting to be vaccinated and following protocols before going back to work are warranted, but the GOP has somehow morphed into a death cult. Noted infectious disease expert Don Jr. said to “follow the science” while he is completely ignoring the science. And I don’t know what guns have to do with this conversation, but that’s what he chose for his background in the video.


Twitter users weighed in.

It’s pathetic to watch a person who defines himself by his guns. Of all the walls in his home he could have chosen for this message, he picked a weird room that is decorated with firearms on the wall. If you had a relative that did a video like Junior’s while appearing to be on drugs, you’d stage an intervention so that he can get treatment before there’s an accidental shooting while his young children are around. Clearly, his judgment is off.

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