Critics Thought Document Leak Confirmed There Is Blackmail Against Donald Trump: “The Pee Tape Is Real”

This could be HUGE.

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Americans all across the nation, myself included, have found themselves wondering for quite some time now just what exactly it was that Russia had to hold over Donald Trump’s head. The theories and speculation were plentiful, but the cold, hard evidence was scarce, other than just the simple fact that Trump behaved like Putin’s pony for the entirety of his presidential term.

But the sea of change is upon us now, as newly leaked documents from the Kremlin have seemingly confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin does, in fact, possess compromising blackmail leverage over former United States President Donald Trump, and that’s likely why Donald Trump personally directed Kremlin spy agencies to work behind the scenes to help him get elected in 2016.

Experts believe that documents obtained by The Guardian hail from a Jan. 22, 2016, meeting of Russia’s national security council that clearly reference “certain events” that took place during Donald Trump’s “non-official visits to Russian Federation territory” in the years leading up to the reality TV wash up’s big entrance into American politics.

Now, the documents in question only confirm that there is, in fact, compromising information about Donald Trump in the hands of Vladimir Putin, but it doesn’t confirm what that potential blackmail actually consists of — only that it does exist.

However, critics of the ex-United States president were quick to conclude for themselves that the leaked documents confirm the most salacious and scandalous of details from the Steele dossier — most notably, the infamous idea of a “pee tape.”

Take a look at what social media users have deduced for themselves:

Allow me to once again point out that no one (that we know of or have access to) knows what sort of compromising information on Donald Trump is possessed by the Kremlin. We can only confirm with certainty that something of the nature does exist. We are merely reporting on the deductions made by experts and average Americans based on years of following the narrative. We can only hope that the information will soon be leaked as well.

Since first reporting on this document leak and the subsequent reaction to it, former President Trump has reportedly addressed the “pee tape” rumors and claimed that he’s “not into golden showers.”

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