Daily Beast Seems To Uncover The Reason Behind Trump’s Years-Long Vendetta Against Windmills, And It Boils Down To A Scottish Court Ruining His Ocean View

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Scandal-ridden ex-President Donald Trump has had a years-long, infamous obsession with and vendetta against wind turbines, or as he calls them, “windmills.”

The guy truly and deeply just hates the things, with a fiery white-hot passion.

You’d be hard-pressed to find even a handful of his speeches and rallies over the years where he doesn’t rail against the popular form of green energy for at least a minute or two.

It’s one of the former guy’s most popular talking points, yet no one really seemed to know why, exactly, he has such a vendetta against them.

The Daily Beast seems to have finally figured it out and, according to their report, it all connects back to a Scottish court battle Trump lost years ago that ultimately saw his precious ocean view blocked by “windmills.”

The Beast pointed to a December rally last year where Trump managed to confuse even his own base when he raged, “They kill all our birds. If you want to see a bird cemetery, go under a windmill sometime. You’ll see birds like you never saw. If you love birds, you’ll start to weep.”

It’s not just the birds that Trump harps about when it comes to these wind turbines. The former president has also claimed that the “windmills” are killing whales, destroying the US economy by wrongfully claiming that they’re all built in China or Germany, and driving inflation in the US due to the increasing cost of energy.

The Daily Beast also pointed to a recent podcast interview where Trump was questioned about the war in Ukraine and, wouldn’t you know it, he invoked the windmills in his response: “We are playing right into their hands. Green energy. The windmills, they don’t work. They’re too expensive. They kill all the birds. They ruin your landscapes, and yet the environmentalists love the windmills.”

“I’ve been preaching this for years. The windmills. And I had them way down. But the windmills are the most expensive energy you can have. They don’t work. By the way, they last a period of ten years. By the time they start rusting and rotting all over the place, nobody ever takes them down. They just go onto the next piece of prairie or land,” he said.

According to the Beast’s new report, this windmill obsession was actually born from 11 wind turbines that were installed beside his Scottish golf course, Trump International Golf Links.

“I am not thrilled. I want to see the ocean, I do not want to see windmills,” Trump said at the time.

He submitted a filing that blasted the Scottish government’s construction of the turbines, saying, “The horrible idea of building ugly wind turbines directly off Aberdeen’s beautiful coastline.”

In 2013, Trump eventually sued, vowing to “spend whatever monies are necessary” to stop the installation of the turbines near his golf resort property. The case ultimately went all the way to the highest court in the United Kingdom — and Trump lost.

According to the Beast, it was soon thereafter that Trump’s anti-windmill meltdowns began.

“The reality is that he couldn’t stand the fact that his view of the ocean from his property in Scotland was affected in a way that displeased him,” the report reads. “Then, the fact that Scotland rejected his bullying tactics and stood up to him further incensed him.”

Find the full report from the Daily Beast here.

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