Damning New Court Filing Reveals Donald Trump May Have Hoarded More Than 5 Thousand Classified Documents At Mar-A-Lago


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The sheer magnitude of classified documents that Donald Trump stole from the United States at the humiliating end of his tumultuous presidency and subsequently hoarded and hid at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort turned post-White House personal residence may have finally been revealed in a new court filing from Trump-appointed Judge Cannon who is presiding over the stolen document case with a multitude of national security implications.

Trump’s decision to quite literally steal some of this nation’s most sensitive secrets and documents has been a matter of public knowledge for years now. However, throughout this case, it’s been difficult to pin down just how much Donald Trump stole from this country — until now, it seems.

This week, Judge Aileen Cannon issued an order in the Florida federal case against ex-President Donald Trump that made note of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s request for permission to withhold a total of 5,100 pages of classified documents and materials from Donald’s co-defendants in the case, Waltine Nauta and Carlos de Oliveira.

Reporting on this development was first broken by Newsweek, noting that quantifying the amount of documents hoarded by Donald Trump and then subsequently seized by the FBI during their search and seizure warrant on Mar-a-Lago in August 2022 has been difficult.

In their report, Newsweek writes, “Cannon’s ruling offers an insight into the large number of classified documents that Trump is alleged to have been hoarding at his Florida estate.”

These documents serve as the epicenter of the contentious game of tug-o-war between former President Trump and Special Counsel Smith to move this case to trial before the rapidly approaching 2024 presidential election — which Trump seems to believe if he wins, will save him.

Smith and Trump are both accusing the other of “playing politics” in this case, with the former president falling back on his ages-old and tired-out claims of a political witch hunt, which Smith credibly accuses Trump and his legal team of intentionally complicating this case and its court proceedings in a desperate effort to delay the ex-president’s trial past the November election.

Cannon, a judge appointed to her federal position by Donald Trump himself, is caught in the crossfire of this case with monumental implications for national security, while also being expected to fairly weigh Trump’s right to a fair trial as well as the safety and well-being of multiple witnesses in this case who could be harmed by Donald’s violent behavior and rhetoric, should sensitive information be released to the wrong people.

Cannon’s bombshell ruling this week, which exposed the 5,000-plus documents implicated in this case, sided with the prosecution and effectively blocked Nauta and De Oliveira from accessing these thousands of classified documents.

You can read the full report from Newsweek here.

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