Deeply Disturbing New Details Reportedly Reveal Highland Park Suspect Was In A “Downward Spiral” And His Family Flat-Out Ignored It

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

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In the aftermath of the Independence Day shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, that claimed the lives of 7 people and injured upwards of 30 more, a breaking new report from The Daily Beast has revealed deeply disturbing new details on the alleged Highland Parks shooting, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III — including the revelation from people who were close to the 21-year-old gunman that Crimo’s family knew full and well that he had been falling into a deep depression for years and years before Monday’s massacre, even attempting to commit suicide at one point, yet Bobby’s family did absolutely nothing, instead apparently choosing to blatantly ignore the multiple warning signs that something horrifying was soon to come.

Kate Briquelet and Pilar Melendez with The Daily Beast report, “The mother of two of Crimo’s former skatepark friends said that the accused mass shooter came to her house frequently around 2016 and 2017 and was nothing but quiet and polite. She says at that point, he wasn’t yet cutting a disturbing figure as a wannabe YouTube rapper, with tattoos covering his face and music riddled with violent imagery.”

“Meanwhile, one friend of Crimo told The Daily Beast that she reached out to Crimo’s dad on Facebook around 2015 after he ‘said some concerning things about wanting to overdose,'” the disturbing report goes on to read. “The pal claims that instead of responding to her message, his father blocked her. Weeks later, she claims, a mutual friend visited Crimo’s home and again voiced concerns. ‘He felt a lot of times that his parents didn’t care about him,’ the person added. (Gomez told The Daily Beast that his clients deny any knowledge of suicidal thoughts Crimo might have had that year. ‘The mother has expressed to me that, to her knowledge, no one came up to her and expressed concerns. The father is in the same boat,’ he said.)”

“In an April 29, 2019, Highland Park Police incident report obtained by The Daily Beast, officers were called to the Crimo home for a well-being check,” the publication reports. “There, officers learned he was ‘known to use marijuana’ and had a history of suicide attempts. One of those instances, which occurred a week prior to the call, was an ‘attempt to commit suicide by machete,’ the report states.”

Recent reports have indicated that, in spite of all this knowledge and information, Bobby Crimo’s father, Robert Sr., still chose to sponsor his unhinged son for an Illinois gun permit — a decision that Robert has openly said he does not regret, and Robert’s brother Paul has openly expressed his support for.

“Civil defense attorney Stephan Blandin told The Daily Beast that it is ‘bizarre that the father would sign for an obviously mentally troubled kid’ — and noted that he believes the father will face charges for his role in aiding Crimo’s access to firearms,” Briquelet and Melendez write. “‘I think this will serve as a chilling effect for parents who are thinking of helping their children obtain firearms,’ he added.”

You can read the full, disturbing report from The Daily Beast here.

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