Deeply Disturbing Video Footage Of Brutal Attack Against Nancy Pelosi’s Huband Paul Has Been Released And It’s Extremely Difficult To Watch

This is extremely disturbing.

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Extremely disturbing footage of the brutally violent attack against former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, has now been released by the San Francisco Superior Court — and we’ll warn you, it is difficult to watch.

The unsettling footage gives viewers a glimpse into the brutal hammer attack inside the Pelosis’ California home that left Paul Pelosi with a fracture to his skull.

CNN broke reporting on the alarming police bodycam footage that shows a man viciously attacking the former House Speaker’s 82-year-old husband inside their home after the door was opened to allow law enforcement agents inside the house. According to the report, the footage was publicly released by the city’s Superior Court after a judge handed down a ruling on a motion put forward by multiple media outlets, requesting that the video be made public.

In addition to the disturbing footage, it is expected that audio of the 911 calls as well as the Pelosis’ home surveillance video footage will soon be released to the public as well.

The legal team for 42-year-old suspect David DePape vehemently argued against the public release of the damning and disturbing footage, claiming that the video would “irreparably damage” DePape’s right to a fair trial in the case. DePape has entered a plea of not guilty to a laundry list of both state and federal charges against him, including but not limited to assault and attempted murder.

In the footage, officers are seen arriving at the Pelosi home on October 28th and knocking on the door, which was eventually seemingly opened to them by Paul Pelosi, as he was mid-struggle with his attacker over a hammer that was still in DePape’s hand.

“How are you doing?” one officer questioned as the door was opened.

Paul responded, “How are ya?” seemingly very confused, as he continued to struggle for control over the weapon with his attacker, with police officers standing in the doorway.

One officer finally shouts out at the attacker, “Drop the hammer!” DePape proceeded to violently strike Pelosi with the weapon once more, in front of the police, knocking Paul to the ground.

Officers tackled DePape to the ground and restrain him, as Paul Pelosi lays on the ground nearby, seemingly knocked unconscious by DePape’s final blow.

You can see the unsettling footage here:

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