Defeated Kari Lake Takes The Podium At Trump’s Mar-A-Lago To Declare: “This Is Our Moment To Stand Up And Take Back Our Elections From These Bastards”

I didn't know my eyes could roll this hard...

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It’s pretty painfully clear at this point that scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump and Arizona’s brutally defeated, loser of a Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake are a match made in heaven. The peas to the others’ carrots, to peanut butter to their jelly, if you will. Because, if there’s anyone on the face of this earth that gives Donald Trump a run for his money when it comes to relentlessly refusing to shut up about “stolen” elections, disproved widespread “fraud,” and overall harping on their undeserved “victim” status — it’s Kari f*cking Lake — a point that Kari herself pretty much made for me during her recent appearance at some recent halfwit Mar-A-Lago event.

Of course, Lake pretty much has no choice but to fly south to the Palm Beach estate to air out her grievances because, frankly, nowhere else in the country really gives a damn about what she has to say at this point. It seems Mar-a-Lago has just become the hotspot for delusional election losers who are suffering from such severe manic grandiose that they honestly believe they are far more important, relevant, or cared about than they really are.

But nevertheless, the washed up AZ failure made her way to the scandal-ridden former president’s equally scandal-ridden estate to surround herself with the few people left who actually do listen or care about what she has to say, where she made this particularly insane declaration:

Careful now, soon she’ll be calling for ripping up the Constitution.

But don’t worry, Donnie boy was there to back up her bullsh*t with the full force of the… Well… Nothing, because he doesn’t matter any more than she does.

Guys, people are literally making fun of you at this point. Someone make it stop.

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