Delusional Trump-Loving Evangelist Prays Over A Cardboard Cutout Of Trump And We Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Oh. My. GAWD.

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Every single day it seems like, the Right pulls some God-awful, eyebrow-raising stunt that leaves me thinking, “This is it. This is as bad as they can get. This is the bottom, it cannot possibly get any worse from here.” And yet every single day, it does.

Without fail, not a single 24-hour period can come to pass without some Conservative nutjob getting out there and being a Conservative nutjob in public, ensuring that every other civilized nation on the face of this earth looks at this country like the weird dude in the subway tunnel that you take a few extra steps the long way around to avoid.

Whether it’s Steve Bannon, Joel Osteen, Alex Jones, Mike Lindell, one of the GOP’s stooges like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz, or the infamous Donald Trump himself — the ultra-Right wing Conservative crowd has undoubtedly ensured that the United States is just one massive, global embarrassment at this point.

Today, it was Trump-loving evangelist Lance Wallnau.

In a new video clip that’s making massive waves across social media, Wallnau is seen proudly, rambunctiously, even, praying over a cardboard cutout of the one-term, twice-impeached, serial adulterer, ex-President Donald Trump.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Most of Lance’s “prayer” is centered around healing Trump’s hurt feelings about having the election stolen from him, before he goes on to claim that Steve Bannon “has an apostolic grace on him” and “was probably called to be an apostle.”

News flash: The only thing Steve Bannon has going for him is Congressional contempt charges.

As you’d expect, Twitter had a field day with the ridiculous clip:

Listen, Canada, we’re not all like this. I swear.

Featured image via screen capture

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