“Desperate” Lauren Boebert Is Reportedly Scrambling To Salvage What’s Left Of Her Career After Multiple Scandals Turned Her Into A “National Laughing Stock”

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It’s certainly no secret that right-wing Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has been rocked with one scandal after another lately — ranging from her son’s teen pregnancy to her highly publicized divorce to the apparent handjob in a crowded theater and quite literally just short of everything in between at this point — and it seems it’s all starting to catch up with her now, leaving the controversial member of Congress “desperate” and scrambling to save her tanking career as everyone around her begins to see the true colors of Lauren Boebert.

Politico’s Ryan Biller has taken a new deep-dive into Rep. Boebert’s less-than-graceful fall from grace, right on the heels of the news that she got into a public physical altercation with her ex-husband over the weekend that resulted in Jayson Boebert making a 911 call, claiming to be the victim of “domestic violence.”

According to Biller, as the Boebert scandals just get worse and more abundant, voters in her staunchly Conservative district along with former supporters and Colorado GOP leadership are growing more than a little tired of not only her antics but of being associated with Lauren Boebert at all.

Recently, Boebert shocked Colorado Republicans when she seemingly suddenly announced that she would not seek a third congressional run for her seat in CO’s 3rd district, but will instead set her sights on the state’s neighboring, even more deeply conservative 4th district for the upcoming election.

Politico’s Biller points out that desperate times call for desperate measures, and Little Miss Lauren is more “desperate” than she has ever been, as she watches what’s left of her political career swirl the drain. According to his report, Lauren has basically been left with no choice but to hopscotch over to an even more draconian district if she has any hope at all of securing a third run in Congress and a government pension.

Maisy Reid, a 57-year-old staunchly conservative voter in Boebert’s district, interviewed with Politico and was quick to express her distaste with the hot-pants congresswoman, saying, “It seemed she was out of touch.”

Biller goes on to write:

Boebert nearly lost her seat in 2022 because of a legion of alienated voters like Maisy Reid. And despite running in a district that voted for Donald Trump by an eight-point margin in 2020, her fortunes next year were looking even worse. She trailed in the polls, was being carpet-bombed by millions of dollars’ worth of Democratic attack ads and wasn’t even guaranteed to make it out of the Republican primary.”

The Politico piece ultimately calls Lauren’s district hopping a “desperate act by a desperate candidate.”

Democratic Mayor of Grand View, CO, Anna Stout, said, “We gave the world Lauren Boebert and [disgraced election official] Tina Peters. We’re not proud of it. And although I don’t speak of this diverse district monolithically, there is an acute sense of being fed up here. We don’t want to be a national laughingstock.”

It seems that this exodus from Lauen Boebert is far from just talk, as Biller points to a sudden, resounding lack of Boebert signs across the district from her former voters.

Biller writes, “For much of the past two years, if you were driving west on I-70 approaching Grand Junction, you could see similar sentiments on display at the Grand Junction Motor Speedway, a world-class, go-cart racetrack located on the outskirts of town. A long chain link fence that separates the road from the track was covered in upwards of 50 Lauren Boebert campaign signs, making it one of the first sights to greet visitors to the city, other than iconic Mount Garfield. In October, however, all those signs disappeared. The owner didn’t return calls asking why.”

You can read the full Politico report from Ryan Biller here.

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