Desperate Trump Exploits State Of The Union Speech, Tries To Sell Ad Space

Is he serious?!

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Donald Trump, a man who once bragged that he was so rich that he didn’t need to ask for contributions, has just been caught exploiting his own State of the Union address to beg his supporters to fund his pathetic 2020 reelection campaign.

In an email that was sent out on Monday, just a day before Trump’s State of the Union address would take place, Trump asked donors to buy ad space that would be displayed during his speech. It is an absolutely ridiculous request, paired with an absolutely ridiculous message. This is what Trump’s message said:

Tomorrow, President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address that will go down in history as the speech that saved America from a great Humanitarian CRISIS at our Southern Border.”

Feeding off his gullible supporters, Trump left a hyperlink to donate and “cement your name in history” right below his plea for money. The email also said:

Please make a contribution of $5 IN THE NEXT THREE HOURS to have your name proudly displayed LIVE during the President’s State of the Union address.”

You can see Trump’s disgraceful email to his supporters below:

As you can imagine, Americans were outraged:

Fortunately, one person was able to see a silver lining — and admit this might actually be a great opportunity to troll the president:

Featured image via screen capture

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