Devin Nunes Gets A Final, Brutal Takedown From His Hometown Newspaper As He Leaves Congress To Work For Donald Trump

I don't think they like you very much, Devin.

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As we recently reported, California GOP House Rep. Devin Nunes has officially stepped down from his Congressional position to take a new job as the CEO of ex-President Donald Trump’s new social media company — and his hometown paper is sending him off with a less than loving goodbye.

The Fresno Bee has had a long-standing issue with Nunes throughout his years as a lawmaker, and now that he’s ditching his congressional career to follow Donald Trump around like a lost puppy, the local publication is pretty much letting him and all their readers know that he couldn’t get out of there fast enough to please them.

The editorial board of the Fresno Bee penned, “See ya, Devin Nunes. We deserve a representative who will actually meet with citizens.”

The board followed their goodbyes with a satirical help wanted ad in their piece: “A new member of Congress to represent Tulare County, Clovis and much of Fresno in the House of Representatives,” who is willing “to work long hours in Washington, D.C.”

“Nunes decided to leave Congress rather than face a tough re-election prospect in a newly drawn district that is much more favorable to a Democrat than a Republican,” the editorial board writes, going on to note, “He is moving on to work for former President Donald Trump, a career change that The Bee Editorial Board had recommended for the past several years, given how Nunes had morphed into being a leading foot soldier for Trump, defending the president at every turn in countless Fox News appearances.”

The editors outlined the laundry list of grievances they have with the state’s former House Rep. before adding “… the new representative should have the courage to face the press. Nunes was infamous for only granting interviews to friendly media outlets, such as Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday program on Fox News or Ray Appleton’s KMJ radio show. Nunes refused to engage with reporters from news outlets like The Bee who might ask probing questions. This, despite the fact he was one of the most senior and powerful Republicans in Congress.”

“The next representative should be committed to the truth and facts,” they wrote, before noting, “It is amazing that such a sentence needs to be written.”

“The bottom line,” the editors wrote, is that “Whoever fills out the remaining months of Nunes’ term must be committed to telling the truth. In light of the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, there can be no exception.”

You can read the full editorial piece from the Fresno Bee here.

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