Did MTG Have A Mental Breakdown? Right-Wing Rep. Apparently Thought Her TV Was Spying On Her, Claimed It “Turned On By Itself,” Swore She Is “Healthy” And Not At All Crazy

We couldn't make this up if we tried.

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Ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinary friends, I do believe we’ve watched Marjorie Taylor Greene lose what little bit of mind she had left to her name.

Recently, the highly controversial and scandal-ridden Georgia Republican House Rep. took to her Twitter account, where she willingly and very publicly announced that she now apparently believes someone is trying to spy on her through her television in her D.C. home, as she claims the TV “turned on by itself.”

My hand to God, we couldn’t make this up if we wanted to.

“Last night in my DC residence, the television turned on by itself and the screen showed someone’s laptop trying to connect to the TV,” the fringe Right-wing, QAnon-fueled excuse for a congresswoman wrote in a recent tweet.

Marjorie then went on to make several grand declarations about the state of her mental and physical health. We’re unsure if she was attempting to allude to this unknown “spy” attempting to harm her in some way, or if she was just trying to convince the world, and possibly herself, that she’s not actually batshit insane.

“Just for the record: I’m very happy,” Greene wrote in the public social media post. “I’m also very healthy and eat well and exercise a lot. I don’t smoke and never have. I don’t take any medications. I am not vaccinated. So I’m not concerned about blood clots, heart conditions, strokes, or anything else.”

“Nor do I have anything to hide,” the Georgia GOP House rep. added. “I just love my country and the people and know how much they’ve been screwed over by the corrupt people in our government and I’m not willing to be quiet about it, or willing to go along with it.”

See for yourself:

Marjorie didn’t stop there, though, following up that absolute insanity with a second tweet linking to a 2019 article from CBS News, featuring warnings from the FBI at the time that Smart TVs that were equipped with features like facial recognition, microphones, and cameras were not adequately secured and therefore vulnerable to online hackers.

Greene is, of course, no stranger to unhinged conspiracy theories, both before her time in Congress and since, tossing around half-baked theories and notions about everything from 9/11 to crop circles and everything in between.

As I’m sure you can imagine, social media held nothing back in her comment section:

You might wanna get checked out, Marge. Ya know… Just in case.

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