Don Jr. Posts Atrociously Offensive Meme Of Former POTUS Bill Clinton And The Internet Responds Appropriately

He should've known that wasn't going to work out in his favor.

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In case you hadn’t noticed, the entire Trump family has their desperation and terror on full display as November’s presidential election rapidly approaches and pretty much every reputable poll from Rasmussen to Trump’s own beloved Fox News is predicting Donnie boy on the short end of the stick.

But the Trump clan isn’t just desperately and petrified — they’re stupid as hell, too.

If there’s one thing in life that Donald and his brood of sycophantic, waste-of-a-good-trust-fund children are actually good at, it’s holding a grudge — oftentimes to a degree that distracts them from the actual goings-on at hand. And this election season has been cold, hard proof of that.

Might I remind you that it’s been four-plus years since Donald Trump ran against former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. The November, the Clintons are nowhere to be found on the ticket and aren’t involved in the election in any way, aside from campaigning against another Trump term like any decent human being. In just a few short weeks, Trump will be going up against his predecessor’s vice president, Joe Biden, in the bid for America’s “leader.”

However, if you take a glance at the Trump family’s social media accounts, you’d often find yourself wondering when you hopped into a time machine and headed back to 2016.

As his pops continues to lose his ass to Joe Biden, the eldest Trump son and namesake seemingly decided that his energy was best spent on trashing someone his father isn’t even running against.

In an effort to disparage the Clinton family for no tangible reason whatsoever, Don Jr. recently took to his Twitter account and posted a screen capture of an interview the Bill and Hillary participated in, alongside a wildly offensive meme of the former POTUS in a dress and red heels.

“Right now Bill is clicking his red high heels and just wishing he was back on Epstein Island,” Junior ironically captioned the tweet, considering his father will go down in history as one of the biggest Epstein pals and confidantes the world has had the displeasure of knowing.

To say the least, the rest of the internet promptly took Junior straight to the woodshed where he belongs:

We get it, buddy. You’re still super upset that daddy had to cheat to win while Hillary got the popular vote. But maybe try therapy instead of Twitter? Because you set yourself right up for that one.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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