Don Jr’s Attack On Biden’s Mental Fitness Spectacularly Backfires: “Your Dad Can’t Read”

Too bad Don Jr. doesn't have the mental fitness to prevent himself from getting owned.

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Donald Trump’s son Eric may have proved himself to be the dumbest of his three adult children, but Don Jr. came in at a close second by daring to attack Joe Biden’s mental fitness despite the many examples of his own dad’s mental unfitness.

Trump and his supporters have been desperately trying to paint Biden as cognitively unqualified to be president. It’s not working, but Don Jr. tried again anyway, this time by posting a coloring book image with the colors scribbled on it as if it were done by a toddler.

The problem is that Don Jr’s dad has provided multiple examples of his very real mental unfitness — and there’s even proof that Donald Trump can’t color correctly.

Twitter users helpfully responded by noting many examples, including Trump’s failure to color the American flag as he sat next to school children.

Clearly, this line of attack on Biden needs to be abandoned because it’s only reminding Americans that the Trumps are dumber than a box of rocks.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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